Blogging – engaging with the community?


My experience or knowledge of blogging is ignorant and uneducated. I thought that Blogs were for people to moan and groan on, or for those excellent entertaining and talented blogs I read – from hair brained mothers who have no qualms about being themselves. Those pick me up posts that I look forward to relating to, and then feeling less guilty about the parental faux pas I too made that day. But I didn’t know that most businesses have or at least should have a blog to engage with the online community. My writing is not the best and my punctuation and grammar is less desirable than the flow of this post, but I wont get better if I don’t practice.

I am clearly very new to blogging, I have today been reading up about best marketing practice, and nearly everything pointed to some form of blog. Either on the website, the social media platforms you use, guest writing for others, or indeed guest hosting. So I guess that it shows me that blogging is a very important aspect of managing a small business. So I had better get to it.

I learned many ideas of tips and tricks for marketing today and found the information to be absolutely amazing to even have all I have so far, down in bullet points right now. Those bullet points are my check list, to try out, to compare, study and to learn from. And in a years time or 2.. Ill let you know statistically what worked well for me in my first 2 or 3 years in business.





L x

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