The true Spirit of Festive Giving and the occasional blessing one is gifted via a mental health condition.

The last 2 winters I have donated to Crisis for their Christmas campaign for homeless people and have as a result helped 2 or 3 people very very short term. I like feeling I have contributed and helped, and I love to give and make people smile. Its not a lot, just something.

This year I knew I wanted to do more, and somehow this turned into I needed to do more, my brain suddenly sprung to life gave me a task and decided that I was doing more, even this close to Christmas, and pulled forward the energy from somewhere to do so. My brain, on December 20th 2018,  challenged my body and my mental capacity to help 100 homeless people by this Christmas.

It is in the minds of some, like myself, how these sudden and seemingly impossible tasks appear, the drive and the unstoppable force that I experience. What is usually a heavy burden, a nuisance, even a brush with reality at times, or a stigma – a negative that that can hold us back- was the sudden source of power for this incredible 3 day personal challenge. It was the first time my mental illness openly showed me the real, new and shiny side of its tarnished and battered coin.

The result:

This weekend me and 2 of my daughters, one with ASD aged 11 and the other with ADHD aged 7 (plus one of their best-est friends aged 8) joined forces.

We sourced and/ or bought many items by Friday.

By the end of play on Saturday had Sorted, and divided up into packages of mini shampoos, soaps, toothbrushes, socks, combs, and biscuits etc and then gift wrapped them in bundles into presents for 113 homeless people.

These then were, along with some mince pies, biscuits, larger toiletries, recyclable cups, and bottles of water, delivered to The Gatehouse Oxford, a Homeless drop in cafe run by some amazing volunteers on the Sunday at 4pm.

Not only did we complete the challenge of delivering these gifts before December 25th 2018, we exceeded the amount of gifts I wanted to gift, and the girls understood how something as simple as a toothbrush or a bar of soap was a gift to some, and it was amazing to hear them talking to each other about it all too while they worked away.

Not many children would willingly give up 6 hours of their Christmas weekend to wrap toiletries to help others, but these girls did it with plenty of smiles and loads of love! (plus the time helping me to sort and divide the items)

I Could not be more proud of these 3 kind hearted and beautiful souls within these Angel’s! And, as a bonus, I have been blown away with a blessing rather than a self curse for once over this years festivities.


Merry Christmas/ Blessed Yule/ Seasons Greetings/ Happy New Year

#mentalhealthawareness #blessed #helpthehomeless


Here’s a pic of the very proud girlies with the sacks of individually hand wrapped gifts, who I am of course also very proud of.

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