Why hire a Planner? I can do it

‘I’ll just do it myself’, and of course you could, you know what you want and you are more than capable of putting together a wedding, party or other celebration. With Google, Supplier directories, ready made tick lists and self help for you to do it yourself.

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But, given the choice, if you could explain your vision, get on with your day and allow someone else to do the leg work for you – wouldn’t you?

You are far from exiled from the planning, you are paying for more time, more hands, budget keeping and professionalism. For weddings in particular – You attend those SO exciting update meetings, food and cake tastings, fittings and appointments without the hassle of trying to organise them. You are allowing someone to source the correct, industry tried and tested suppliers. You are paying to ensure that your day does not cause you unnecessary stress. You are paying for one point of contact for all suppliers. You are paying for peace of mind.

When thinking of planning what aspects fill you with dread? Getting quotes and availability for caterers, venues, entertainment, and flowers. Or finding the right costume supplier? Props and decor?

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Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful times, others include moving house, buying your first home, planning and adjusting to a new addition to your family. Some things you can’t de-stress, but your event isn’t one of them.

You might have family helping, making, sourcing and feeding your guests. That’s great. It keeps costs down, and family being involved is really nice. Unfortunately it also can cause unwanted aggravation and worry that wasn’t intended. You can of course still involve your family, they can add their little surprises and check with your planner whether its a good idea or not, and you can tweak things via your planner so that you dont offend your, well meaning, family and friends.

At Liliana Fae Events, we source the best suppliers at the best possible price. Our aim is to keep you in budget, advise on how best to utilise your budget to gain the most from your event. Our company mission is keeping your budget down without compromising on quality. This means that paying for a Planner you would get the event you want, less work, less stress and at the approximate same cost as if you were to do it alone. Planners can take on small projects or full on event planning and management. Planners are available to simply manage your day and liaise with your own suppliers to ensure smooth running on the day.


Event Planners do not have full control or final say of your event, they do not remove you from the planning process. They just make it easier and cost effective. Contact today for more information or to book in for a half hour free consultation with Liliana Fae Events.




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