How safe is your glitter bar?

Would you risk your child’s eyesight or someone who hasn’t learned about infectious skin conditions? Lets talk Glitter! Cosmetic Glitter and self taught ‘glitter and face painters’..

The popularity of glitter bars and festival glitter has risen dramatically over the past 3 years in particular, and so have the amount of people who offer it as a service.

But how many have full, valid insurance and safety training to prevent injury and in some cases even death? I can answer that based on some simple research I conducted out over Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Buckinghamshire alone. Of the 30 advertised pop up glitter bars that I contacted (10 in each county) only 6 had provable valid insurance and qualifications to back it up in case of injury, and those were the ones that had been specifically trained in the safety of Cosmetic application.

close up photo of woman with gold glitters on her face
Eye Glitter – Photo by Hope Aye on

What is valid insurance? 

In date covered Public Liability insurance up to whatever specified amount they choose to get cover for. I wonder what price you could put on a persons eyesight for instance should something go irreversibly wrong.

However insurance doesn’t prevent mistakes. Proper training and qualifications, particularly surrounding the Health and Safety of Cosmetic Application, helps to prevent those fatal mistakes considerably by over 99% when all training has been stringently applied throughout the service provided.      (external link)

And that is why VALID insurance is very hard to come by with these self taught pop up glitter bars. General Pubic Liability Insurance for cosmetic artists does not cover risks with Treatments – such as cosmetic application. So do check that this is included in the insurance policy. Also ask to see the terms and conditions of their insurance policy. Does it state that validity is based on appropriate qualifications and training record.

Salon Gold – one of the leading Insurance companies for Salons, makeup artists and beauticians states in their terms that ”You will only need to produce your certificates in the event of a claim. When you purchase your insurance you are declaring that you have a suitable qualification”


Therefore Public Liability without the qualifications are typically INVALID – because usually the evidence of certification is not required to gain the certificate itself.

Most insurance companies also do not offer coverage if you have not been in training/ qualified (or studying for an appropriate qualification), or have a years experience in the field. So if they are new to the business and have not been/ being trained by approved providers their insurance is invalid and they would not be able to apply cosmetics such as adhesives, glitters, and gems to the general public without high risk.

What should you look for: Full valid insurance, trained by an approved provider in all aspects of Cosmetic application including specifically trained in working with products around the eyes. Ask to see references, portfolio, qualification certificates and the full Insurance policy including terms and conditions. Don’t be afraid to ask- if they don’t have all of these, they are not the safe, recommended and approved glitter bar you would want to hire.  Plus if your event involves children, please stress to parents or organisers that children should be supervised when in close contact with anyone, this protects not just your children but the artist you have hired as well.  Ask for a DBS certificate if you want to be thorough – Event planners and management should be hiring based on many aspects, this being one of them.

assorted color sequins
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on



Do research, Do check, Do use environmentally friendly and most importantly Do keep safe.


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