How safe is your glitter bar?

Would you risk your child’s eyesight or someone who hasn’t learned about infectious skin conditions? Lets talk Glitter! Cosmetic Glitter and self taught ‘glitter and face painters’.. The popularity of glitter bars and festival glitter has risen dramatically over the past 3 years in particular, and so have the amount of people who offer itContinue reading “How safe is your glitter bar?”

Why hire a Planner? I can do it

‘I’ll just do it myself’, and of course you could, you know what you want and you are more than capable of putting together a wedding, party or other celebration. With Google, Supplier directories, ready made tick lists and self help for you to do it yourself. But, given the choice, if you could explainContinue reading “Why hire a Planner? I can do it”

The true Spirit of Festive Giving and the occasional blessing one is gifted via a mental health condition.

The last 2 winters I have donated to Crisis for their Christmas campaign for homeless people and have as a result helped 2 or 3 people very very short term. I like feeling I have contributed and helped, and I love to give and make people smile. Its not a lot, just something. This yearContinue reading “The true Spirit of Festive Giving and the occasional blessing one is gifted via a mental health condition.”

Blogging – engaging with the community?

Hi! My experience or knowledge of blogging is ignorant and uneducated. I thought that Blogs were for people to moan and groan on, or for those excellent entertaining and talented blogs I read – from hair brained mothers who have no qualms about being themselves. Those pick me up posts that I look forward toContinue reading “Blogging – engaging with the community?”