How safe is your glitter bar?

Would you risk your child’s eyesight or someone who hasn’t learned about infectious skin conditions? Lets talk Glitter! Cosmetic Glitter and self taught ‘glitter and face painters’..

The popularity of glitter bars and festival glitter has risen dramatically over the past 3 years in particular, and so have the amount of people who offer it as a service.

But how many have full, valid insurance and safety training to prevent injury and in some cases even death? I can answer that based on some simple research I conducted out over Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Buckinghamshire alone. Of the 30 advertised pop up glitter bars that I contacted (10 in each county) only 6 had provable valid insurance and qualifications to back it up in case of injury, and those were the ones that had been specifically trained in the safety of Cosmetic application.

close up photo of woman with gold glitters on her face
Eye Glitter – Photo by Hope Aye on

What is valid insurance? 

In date covered Public Liability insurance up to whatever specified amount they choose to get cover for. I wonder what price you could put on a persons eyesight for instance should something go irreversibly wrong.

However insurance doesn’t prevent mistakes. Proper training and qualifications, particularly surrounding the Health and Safety of Cosmetic Application, helps to prevent those fatal mistakes considerably by over 99% when all training has been stringently applied throughout the service provided.      (external link)

And that is why VALID insurance is very hard to come by with these self taught pop up glitter bars. General Pubic Liability Insurance for cosmetic artists does not cover risks with Treatments – such as cosmetic application. So do check that this is included in the insurance policy. Also ask to see the terms and conditions of their insurance policy. Does it state that validity is based on appropriate qualifications and training record.

Salon Gold – one of the leading Insurance companies for Salons, makeup artists and beauticians states in their terms that ”You will only need to produce your certificates in the event of a claim. When you purchase your insurance you are declaring that you have a suitable qualification”


Therefore Public Liability without the qualifications are typically INVALID – because usually the evidence of certification is not required to gain the certificate itself.

Most insurance companies also do not offer coverage if you have not been in training/ qualified (or studying for an appropriate qualification), or have a years experience in the field. So if they are new to the business and have not been/ being trained by approved providers their insurance is invalid and they would not be able to apply cosmetics such as adhesives, glitters, and gems to the general public without high risk.

What should you look for: Full valid insurance, trained by an approved provider in all aspects of Cosmetic application including specifically trained in working with products around the eyes. Ask to see references, portfolio, qualification certificates and the full Insurance policy including terms and conditions. Don’t be afraid to ask- if they don’t have all of these, they are not the safe, recommended and approved glitter bar you would want to hire.  Plus if your event involves children, please stress to parents or organisers that children should be supervised when in close contact with anyone, this protects not just your children but the artist you have hired as well.  Ask for a DBS certificate if you want to be thorough – Event planners and management should be hiring based on many aspects, this being one of them.

assorted color sequins
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on



Do research, Do check, Do use environmentally friendly and most importantly Do keep safe.


Why hire a Planner? I can do it

‘I’ll just do it myself’, and of course you could, you know what you want and you are more than capable of putting together a wedding, party or other celebration. With Google, Supplier directories, ready made tick lists and self help for you to do it yourself.

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But, given the choice, if you could explain your vision, get on with your day and allow someone else to do the leg work for you – wouldn’t you?

You are far from exiled from the planning, you are paying for more time, more hands, budget keeping and professionalism. For weddings in particular – You attend those SO exciting update meetings, food and cake tastings, fittings and appointments without the hassle of trying to organise them. You are allowing someone to source the correct, industry tried and tested suppliers. You are paying to ensure that your day does not cause you unnecessary stress. You are paying for one point of contact for all suppliers. You are paying for peace of mind.

When thinking of planning what aspects fill you with dread? Getting quotes and availability for caterers, venues, entertainment, and flowers. Or finding the right costume supplier? Props and decor?

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Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful times, others include moving house, buying your first home, planning and adjusting to a new addition to your family. Some things you can’t de-stress, but your event isn’t one of them.

You might have family helping, making, sourcing and feeding your guests. That’s great. It keeps costs down, and family being involved is really nice. Unfortunately it also can cause unwanted aggravation and worry that wasn’t intended. You can of course still involve your family, they can add their little surprises and check with your planner whether its a good idea or not, and you can tweak things via your planner so that you dont offend your, well meaning, family and friends.

At Liliana Fae Events, we source the best suppliers at the best possible price. Our aim is to keep you in budget, advise on how best to utilise your budget to gain the most from your event. Our company mission is keeping your budget down without compromising on quality. This means that paying for a Planner you would get the event you want, less work, less stress and at the approximate same cost as if you were to do it alone. Planners can take on small projects or full on event planning and management. Planners are available to simply manage your day and liaise with your own suppliers to ensure smooth running on the day.


Event Planners do not have full control or final say of your event, they do not remove you from the planning process. They just make it easier and cost effective. Contact today for more information or to book in for a half hour free consultation with Liliana Fae Events.



So it begins – Executed Wedding Day Success!

Wedding Specification:

Budget of £6000

Main wishes for budget to be spent on – Catering and Ceremony, and the rest as follows:

  • Church ceremony in childhood location, a few selected hymns, and short readings, Bells, and a small Choir
  • Photographer to capture from Beginning through to the Evening festivities
  • Order Of Service designed, created and sent for printing
  • Jaguar Wedding Car with Ribbons
  • Red, White and Black Colours – Bridal Party, Groomsmen, Decor, Cake and Tables
  • Limited Floral arrangements, only small artificial bouquets made by the bride and the buttonholes ordered in.
  • Large function room with attached and secure outside area preferred
  • Reception Drinks on the Large Patio leading off of the function room consisting of Bucks Fizz or Orange Juice
  • Couples favorite Movies and wedding colour themed Tables and Seating Plan

top tabletable name

  • Movie themed background music playlist during the Wedding Breakfast – put together and arranged together
  • Fully laden 3 Meat Carvery Feast with all the trimmings for 60 Guests
  • Individual Chocolate cupcakes with red icing and black sugar balls
  • Speeches, Cutting of the cake, First Dance
  • Followed by Dancing until Late under Disco lighting and a luxury Evening Buffet for 150
  • Accommodation for travelling guests, plus Additional nights at the Hotel for the Bride and Groom, arrangement of cases to and from
  • Late Night Bar


How did it pan out?

Considering that the wedding was pulled forward by 3 months due to some unforeseen change in Church renovation work dates, we managed to make changes, change suppliers, get our hands dirty and alter some wishes so the wedding was a complete success and we came in within Budget – Just!


Here’s how:

( Please note: The costs shown are approximate, do not reflect current prices and the savings shown are based on the lowest quotes received by us at the time, this should not be used as a costing basis for your own event )

  1. Church Ceremony  – £700 – inclusive of Legalities, Documentation, Banns, Bells, Rehearsal, Service itself and Choir.
  2. Catering, reception venue, and drinks Package– £2700
  3. Bride and Groom accommodation– £400
  4. Formal Hire wear – £900
Yes, this is the Groom, not a brochure image

5. Wedding Car £250


6. Bridesmaids Dresses, shrugs and accessories £250 (individually sourced so cost saving of £250)


7. Cake – Gifted (cost saved approx £300)

cake and card table

8. Photographer – Gifted (cost saved approx £950)

9. DJ – Gifted (cost saved £450)

10. Hair and Makeup – Gifted (cost saved approx £300)

(Hair; Heidi Janes. Makeup; Makeup by Lorna.)


11. Dessert cupcakes – Gifted (cost saved £50)

12. Brides Gown – £300 basic dress fully customized and altered by bride (cost saved as per original boutique booked dress of £1000)

13. Chair Covers, table cloths and Sashes £150 – dropped and collected service, room dressed by Liliana Fae Events (cost saved £100)


14 – 26. Order of Service, Invitations, Post Box, Garlands, Photo boards, Table centerpieces, table plan, place cards, Table names, Favours, Flowers for bridal party, button holes, Brides accessories,  – Either DIY by Bridal Party, Family, Liliana Fae Events, or sourced via auctions sites, and sales.   Approx cost of these pieces £300 (overall cost saving of approx £300)


27. Brides Shoes £50 (Debenhams Bridal sale so a cost saving of £50)

Final Costed in at just under – £6000!

The cost of this wedding, had it all been sourced, and quotes given by suppliers used fully, would have been around £9750 and so an overall saving of £3,750.00

With a little bit of thinking outside of the box, focusing on your main features and asking for help from those who can – you really can stick to budget.

Pretty Perfectly Perfect
basket flower girl
Flower Girl Baskets sourced and made up by Liliana Fae Events

Suppliers used:

Heidi Janes Hair, Makeup by Lorna, Holiday Inn Group, Geronimo Disco, Cupcakes by the Maid of Honour, Cake by Mother of the bride,  Brides Gown sourced and then altered by Bride, Photography By Ray Photographer, First Look Fashions, Shimmer Bridal, Hobbycraft, Diamond Chair Covers, Piece of Cake, Special Day Cars, Travelodge.

Liliana Fae – Flower assistance, Seating Plan, Ceremony and Reception arrangements and co-ordination, decoration of venue, Co-ordination of invitations, Table’ Names’ movie themed, sourced goods and services, arranged fittings and meetings, Arranged on the day co-ordination, arrival and departure of guests, Room allocation assistance.


The true Spirit of Festive Giving and the occasional blessing one is gifted via a mental health condition.

The last 2 winters I have donated to Crisis for their Christmas campaign for homeless people and have as a result helped 2 or 3 people very very short term. I like feeling I have contributed and helped, and I love to give and make people smile. Its not a lot, just something.

This year I knew I wanted to do more, and somehow this turned into I needed to do more, my brain suddenly sprung to life gave me a task and decided that I was doing more, even this close to Christmas, and pulled forward the energy from somewhere to do so. My brain, on December 20th 2018,  challenged my body and my mental capacity to help 100 homeless people by this Christmas.

It is in the minds of some, like myself, how these sudden and seemingly impossible tasks appear, the drive and the unstoppable force that I experience. What is usually a heavy burden, a nuisance, even a brush with reality at times, or a stigma – a negative that that can hold us back- was the sudden source of power for this incredible 3 day personal challenge. It was the first time my mental illness openly showed me the real, new and shiny side of its tarnished and battered coin.

The result:

This weekend me and 2 of my daughters, one with ASD aged 11 and the other with ADHD aged 7 (plus one of their best-est friends aged 8) joined forces.

We sourced and/ or bought many items by Friday.

By the end of play on Saturday had Sorted, and divided up into packages of mini shampoos, soaps, toothbrushes, socks, combs, and biscuits etc and then gift wrapped them in bundles into presents for 113 homeless people.

These then were, along with some mince pies, biscuits, larger toiletries, recyclable cups, and bottles of water, delivered to The Gatehouse Oxford, a Homeless drop in cafe run by some amazing volunteers on the Sunday at 4pm.

Not only did we complete the challenge of delivering these gifts before December 25th 2018, we exceeded the amount of gifts I wanted to gift, and the girls understood how something as simple as a toothbrush or a bar of soap was a gift to some, and it was amazing to hear them talking to each other about it all too while they worked away.

Not many children would willingly give up 6 hours of their Christmas weekend to wrap toiletries to help others, but these girls did it with plenty of smiles and loads of love! (plus the time helping me to sort and divide the items)

I Could not be more proud of these 3 kind hearted and beautiful souls within these Angel’s! And, as a bonus, I have been blown away with a blessing rather than a self curse for once over this years festivities.


Merry Christmas/ Blessed Yule/ Seasons Greetings/ Happy New Year

#mentalhealthawareness #blessed #helpthehomeless


Here’s a pic of the very proud girlies with the sacks of individually hand wrapped gifts, who I am of course also very proud of.

Blogging – engaging with the community?


My experience or knowledge of blogging is ignorant and uneducated. I thought that Blogs were for people to moan and groan on, or for those excellent entertaining and talented blogs I read – from hair brained mothers who have no qualms about being themselves. Those pick me up posts that I look forward to relating to, and then feeling less guilty about the parental faux pas I too made that day. But I didn’t know that most businesses have or at least should have a blog to engage with the online community. My writing is not the best and my punctuation and grammar is less desirable than the flow of this post, but I wont get better if I don’t practice.

I am clearly very new to blogging, I have today been reading up about best marketing practice, and nearly everything pointed to some form of blog. Either on the website, the social media platforms you use, guest writing for others, or indeed guest hosting. So I guess that it shows me that blogging is a very important aspect of managing a small business. So I had better get to it.

I learned many ideas of tips and tricks for marketing today and found the information to be absolutely amazing to even have all I have so far, down in bullet points right now. Those bullet points are my check list, to try out, to compare, study and to learn from. And in a years time or 2.. Ill let you know statistically what worked well for me in my first 2 or 3 years in business.





L x